Sunday, June 16, 2013

Curiosity really can kill just more than the cat but religions too

As a child my mom was always really careful that I did not come across certain books or hear about how others worshipped. She could of just answered my questions and kept my curiosity at bay but she choose to hide it and cut it down getting very defensive about it and hollered about the works of the devil. I learned more about what was the works of the devil was and it made it hard to recognize what was the works of god.She never pointed out the good things to those religions or what we had in common or why our religion was better. She did not know or remember she could pray about it with me, and help me understand by showing me scriptures. Our focus was completely off based. I was scared of everything, Scared of the dark, Scared of my reflection, scared of shadows or things out of the corners of my eyes. I feared of things invading my body and of wrestling with Demons and seeing ghosts. I did not know how to see the positive or good. I did not know about miracles or using gifts to help people or how not to look at them curses but missions or blessings.

I began to look at objects as protectors and believed in superstitions I would hear from others. These were things I did not learn from my mother and she was very adamant about avoiding even  laughing about how silly they were or explaining where they come from or that many were made up to scare servants or as distractions to fear the words of the lord.
[Like the # 13 for instance. OOOH its so bad but if you think about there 12 apostles and Jesus Christ. That means there were 13 people at the time of christ running around teaching. Every missionary knows how stories get brought up about that scary knock on the door. #13 is not so bad now is it?]
 I was scared of God. I seriously believed if I did not do whatever makes him happy he would strike me dead or punish me with curses. I did not know how to love him or to love myself. I figured no matter what I was Damned and it lead me to scary things.
Once moms back was turned or she let down her guard I would sneak books that taught things she did not want me to learn but I learned more than what I needed to know. They became very addicting and it got to a point I wanted to see if it really worked. It got so bad at one point I really believed I had powers and things got super scary. I seriously believe if my mom did not rant and rave on and on about how evil it  and she was not going to tell me, I would of felt trusted and smart and that we were doing right and living a good life. Instead I was looking for evil everywhere and did not think I was capable of overcoming it. I now know it has no power over me and I am stronger. It can not be where the Holy Spirit is and I verbally invite the spirit to be with me often and try to keep him in my thoughts as much as possible because the spirit makes me feel good and safe!

I had ups and downs of throwing mercy towards god when I was scared out of my mind and back to hating him and trying to control things when I was ready to be selfish or seek revenge. My enmity was uncontrollable. I had no friends and bad things happened to me all the time making me again mad at God for letting it happen to me.
Anyways back to Heavenly Father and not my sins.
T.V. is littered with things now and so is playground talk and library shelves our kids will know them. Do not teach them to follow them but let them be aware of them and explain why you do not choose that path. Tell them the good things that happened because of your decisions. Teach them difference in the feelings of the spirit and how if its good its of God.
Tell them how Heavenly Father loves us and point out all his good. Tell them the good in other religions, how its comparable to yours and and why you follow the one you do.
You can make them aware of others beliefs and theories and why you are different, this will not make them run to them. There will be no curiosity there for them to seek the information themselves and get lost learning undesirable things. Do not let them seek that information on their own but with your help and the guidance of the spirit and with Heavenly Fathers teachings. Arm them with knowledge and make them curious about the Lord and the next miracle they can find or the person they need to teach or find the purpose of their mission here on earth.

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