Friday, June 21, 2013

No school today, cleaning and crafting

Today I had my daughter practice keeping all these lessons on cleanliness and standards on her room. I sat in there for awhile with her and worked on a project I have been wanting to do. We ended up having to set a timer for 15 minutes and making it a game to see how much she could finish in that time and she got more done in that time than she had all day. She also watched an episode of Horrible Histories on youtube and started asking me tons of questions on William Shakespeare and she did an image search on him which then made a ton more questions. I noticed my Shakespeare book of plays is gone. I wonder if she is reading it?
So I posted my project at and did not want to rewrite to all of it so if you notice a difference on the page here is because I decided to just copy and paste it here so I can share it here on my blog as well.
So I bought Flip Flops at Michaels after seeing a project on Pinterest. The link to the pinterest project was broke so I did a bunch of looking till I came across felt bottoms and other projects that were similar.
I drew lines with the flip flops together so I could make the holes match as closely as I could. I could of made it nicer with a ruler but I am very impatient. I made them width of the crochet hook I used. I used a metal poker that use to belong some walnut set a long time ago but is now used for other things. Then finally found my Yarn needle and did my best to thread the yarn through the holes. I almost broke my plastic yarn needle :( it was not easy.
Oh and for further projects of this kind if I ever do it again. I will put the flip flop on and trace my foot. My slipper is huge  and I could make the holes deeper making the slipper sturdier. I am worried about the foam ripping because you do not go all the way to the bottom.
After you get the thread wrapped around the flip flops its time to start crocheting your pattern around the edges. I singled crocheted to begin with.
Then I doubled crocheted around. 3 rows. My pattern said 2.5 cm but it looked way too short and felt like it would not hold to my feet so I added the 3rd row.
From this point on I did not follow any written pattern. I was going to originally crochet two humongous roses and use them for the tops but again it seemed like too much work and I was excited about finishing them.
umm lets see.....
chain 4. slip to form ring. 
8 sc in ring. slip stitch to first sc.
sc in sc. chain 3, 2 treble not finishing and leaving the last loops on the hook. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. 3 treble leaving last stitches on hook like before. Single crochet through all 3 loops and chain 2. repeat till you have 8 petals and end with chain 2 and slip stitch into the top of single crochet that bunched the loops.
2Sc in the ch2 area ch 1 2 sc ch 1. in next ch 2 area 3 double crochet chain 3 3 double crochet ch 1. Repeat 
I just matched the edges to the other edges trying to keep both sides matching as best as I could.Everything was basically eye balled finishing with a tight single crochet around the area I would put my foot in.
I crocheted a chain that fit around the bottom and sc back on it to widen it. I am in the process of gluing it to the bottom of the slippers to hide marker marks and to just dress up and hopefully the glue might go into the holes and make the slipper sturdier and help keep the foam from ripping.
I left the flip flop in tact on the inside because they are huge ( hence the tracing the foot tip) and they still wear like a flip flop. My husband who is like extremely picky and is usually very negative about my clothing style ( he thinks I dress like an old lady) thought they were very cute. :)

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