Sunday, June 16, 2013

Learning cleaniness is closer to Godliness

So for this Week my childs lessons have been focused on order and reading in scriptures examples of Heavenly Fathers order.
History Lesson 1
Principle 1: History is His Story—the study of Jesus Christ’s work in the world.
Principle 2: Studying His Story can help us learn about the Lord’s purposes for
our mortal life.
Principle 3: Learning about His Story can help us build Zion—the kingdom of
God on earth.
History Lesson 2
Principle 1: The history of the world is one of apostasy and restoration.
Principle 2: History begins in the scriptures.
Principle 3: The Notebook Method helps us keep order in our studies and prepares

us to use our knowledge to further Heavenly Father’s purposes.
History Lesson 3
Principle 1: We accepted Heavenly Father’s plan in the council in heaven.
Principle 2: Creating an earth was an important part of that plan.
Principle 3: The Lord gave us stewardship over the earth; we have a responsibility
to care for our possessions and property.

So for this week we have been discussing why it is important to organize her binder while we put it together and How HIStory has order to it according to Heavenly Fathers plan.
During this time we made our time line.....Well I had already made it in advance but I put it on a loop and she looked it over. I explained how far we  were going this year and that I put more than 1 religions timeline on it. You  see I think in order for my daughter to truly understand and believe in her faith she needs to know about the others out there. Why they believe what they believe and why we believe what we believe. I am not the kind of mom who refuses for her to learn other peoples theories of evolution. I think she needs to learn them and let her choose so she has her own faith in our religion. She is going to hear of them eventually and I do not want it to be surprise or hurtful when she thinks I did not trust her with knowing that information. Of course I am not saying that will happen to any moms who do choose this I am just voicing my own personal concern knowing what I know about my daughter and myself.
We have a 3 inch binder. with clear sheets in it. I have used scotch tape folded over on itself to make tabs because I am such a cheapskate and its available right now.
My daughter is having a hard time understanding what these page are for. She would be perfectly happy with keeping everything no matter the subject in a box or folder. I guess the lessons will make more sense to her when we start adding more to it. You see she only has stuff in the History section right now because we teach 1 subject 3 days in a row( history/geography/science) and art or music 1 day and Literature for 1 day. Since I have not been sitting down and teaching an entire lesson in 1 day the notebook probably seems weird. Orderliness is a struggle in our home to begin with so these lessons really hit home with me and I sure wish my husband would listen to them.
During our lessons break time my daughter would ride her bike after donning on her bike helmet. I went out to call her in, noticing its time to get her a bigger bike.The bike looks itty bitty under her. I pulled out a bike someone gave us that is just a touch too big and aired up its tires.It makes her feel like a big girl.

 Its time for the writing portion of the lesson. The part I know we are going to have issues with. She absolutely hates it. OH but guess what the next scripture is Adam and Eve using the Book of Remembrance to teach there children. We discuss how they had pure language and were commanded to write. She got all excited and said she wanted to keep her own Book of Remembrance until she realized it was journal. During her break time I try to find as many pictures for her to label as I can and the paper they are printed on I write questions from the lesson on the back of them for her to answer.
We look up Vocab together and write the word on half of an index card. We seem to be making a lot of our vocabulary words on her own suggestions I might add. She is even keeping a dictionary with her but quite often asks if she can just google it. I really think she wants to get distracted from writing. Many times its oooh I am soooo hungry or I have to use the bathroom or its just plain whiny time. I look at her and smile and say, "oh Hunny this is not public school when you get out of doing it at 3:30, we have all day and all day tomorrow too."
Our school time really does take all day because she is very stubborn, hehe and SO AM I. HA HA HA ha ha hah.Its funny she will participate in a lesson and answer it all but when its time to write them down its completely dumbfounding. She all of sudden does not remember anything and does not understand the question even if its exactly what she answered before. I say, "Oh, well lets pull out your scriptures and do that part of the lesson again"
And we do and she is all "I remember I remember. GRRRRR! why are you doing this to me?!"
Maybe its a short term memory loss because she remembers why when I hand her a pencil." I have already had to learn this. This learning does not help me but you. Its not me who has learn this it does not affect me if you know it or not. If you know it fine but if you do not whose problem is it?"
Yes Folks she is 8 and very aware its her problem, her responsibility. She does scroll down as little as possible on the paper, but eventually writes something even if its, I don't know. Hey atleast she is writing and we will find someone else to teach it to her the parts I can not seem explain to her in the way she needs.

I did not like the picture of pangea our lesson we had so I found a picture with fossil evidence to why they think it was originally 1 big piece of land. I told her there is a theory that when the land was whole it was called Eden not pangea. She is aware theory is not factual but a hypothesis. We talked about how the land moved from volcanoes and earths core and that when the land moved its temperature would change too.
we used this lesson for that :

I blogged already on our 20 minutes of History reading.  we did on our first lesson here:
the other day we just read a chapter and did not time it. It seemed to get interrupted and we were not as thorough. The book and the lapbook had enough pictures for chapter 3. She refused to write what she liked best about the chapter so it says: 2 crowns, egyptians made.... (she did want to continue with" maps upside down" I know because she told me.)

Today we covered literature
Literature Lesson 1
Principle 1: God gave us the ability to read and write.
Principle 2: The Lord has asked us to study out of the “best books.”
Principle 3: There are methods we can use that help us study and evaluate the
books we read to make sure we are reading the “best books.”

We covered the gift of language and how we should try to be good at it and how we can use it to help others.
We then covered how to tell if a book was a good book. My daughter immediately used the squares to evaluate her writing saying she was in the Jesus christ side just the badly written kind. I said we can work on it together because mom is in the same square. We were able to find lots of books that fit in the proper square to use as model examples the number 1 being our scriptures.
We also studied our vocab we did not put them on index cards because the Vocab for this lesson is the learning model. We did  cover examples of each word and how to do each one or what it meant in our words. and wrote them on the paper that was suppose to be cut in strips but I just foresaw a big mess and loss of words so we just wrote on them. I have made something I plan to print out and hang on the wall later. I even bought some sticky putty earlier for this reason.
There is symbolism in the flags and Egyptian and Sumerian writings as well. That folks was not covered with my daughter today so it will have to be discussed another day. :)

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